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Be A Force For Kindness

with this augmented reality app, media, and music

This ready-to-use program utilizes the Healthforce app to help a teacher create a culture of kindness in the classroom, school, and community. The lessons are based on the validated Olweus Bully Prevention programs. It provides discussion questions and teacher guides to set the stage for kids in the K-6 setting to understand what bullying is and how they can be active in creating a culture where it is not tolerated and can actively be mitigated when and if it happens. Through a series of posters, workbooks, and songs kids Learn it, Live it and Share it as they become knowledgeable advocates and agents of change.

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 What is an Augmented Reality Workbook or Poster?

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How Does It Work?

  • Instruction based around ten anti-bullying related songs and accompanying interactive posters
  • Augmented reality posters that launch videos, and play music, as the poster comes alive with the app
  • Technology based (all resources available online and utilize mobile apps, multimedia, and music)
  • Music centered (kid friendly, more effective retention than text based only instruction)
  • Content is designed to the interest level of a broad range of ages and community backgrounds
  • User friendly for teachers and students

Program Includes...

  • Augmented Reality Workbooks
  • Music - 10 songs relating to posters and workbook
  • Augmented Reality Posters
  • Implementation Guide


  • Force For Kindness
  • Bully Busters
  • Faces In The Crowd
  • Bullying Hurts
  • Bus Safety
  • I've Got Character
  • Lift Yourself Up To A Better You
  • The Bully Circle
  • Target
  • Gonna Be A Force

Packages and Pricing


Digital Package
  • Student Workbooks (Digital PDF Files)
  • Music - 10 songs (MP3 Download)
  • Augmented Reality Posters (Images available for download)
  • Music Videos (MP4 download)
  • Implementation Guide (Digital PDF Files)
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*Price does not include shipping
  • 25 Student Workbooks (Additional workbooks $10 each - Includes digital PDF Files)
  • Music CD - 10 songs (MP3 Download Available)
  • Augmented Reality Posters (Images available for download)
  • Music Videos (MP4 download)
  • 3 Implementation Guides (Includes digital PDF Files)
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 I Just want The Songs

   Get all 10 Force For Kindness Songs (MP3 download)

About the Authors

Sean Campbell and Danielle Sternberg are both third grade teachers at J.E. Fritz Elementary in the Conestoga Valley School District, located in Lancaster, PA. Their vision is to increase kindness in individuals everywhere.

This program is specifically designed to teach bullying awareness and prevention through a variety of strategies for addressing and stopping bullying both individually, and in your school and community.

The goal for the "Force For Kindness" project is to engage, motivate, and reach students through music and technology.

If we can create an environment which is not just anti-bullying, but where everyone is a "Force For Kindness", we can make this world a better place!

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